Community Indicators – Civic

Our Vision

The vitality of the Yampa Valley community depends on our capacity to engage effectively in mutual learning and decision making in order to maintain and improve our quality of life. We call this capacity our “civic health.”


How a community works together to plan, make decisions and solve problems is an indication of its civic health. Citizen participation and interaction with local organizations and governments is vital to establishing and maintaining relationships and addressing regional issues.

Measurable civic health indicators include voter participation, community planning and philanthropy. These indicators help us to understand the level of commitment individuals have to their community. When residents take a participatory approach to local governance, they enable the community to produce healthy economic, social, and environmental sectors and ultimately keep up with changing times.

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in the Yampa Valley. They provide critical services by fostering a healthy population, providing cultural opportunities, preserving our natural environment, promoting economic development and educating our citizens about evolving issues.


Key Findings

  • Community planning is widely used in the Yampa Valley to address issues such as development and preservation of rivers, land and structures.
  •  Yampa Valley residents support an extensive network of philanthropic and non-profit organizations.  These organizations provide services to the community.

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