Community Indicators – Social

Our Vision

The health and happiness of each Yampa Valley community member is a reflection of the overall social health of this community. We will promote the physical, mental and social well being of our region

Arts and culture will make a valuable contribution to a diverse culture and economy.

Education will be lifelong, high quality and accessible to everyone living and working in our valley.

We will work to plan proactive, preventative health programs and social services for citizens in a continuous cycle from birth to death.



Community indicators about our regional social systems address a broad range of categories to help measure our communities’ ability to provide basic human needs. Social issues such as physical health, crime and education are also tied closely to the economic health and interconnectivity of our region. Northwest Colorado’s growing population and increasing median age will impact social issues across the region.


Key Findings

  • Population trends in northwest Colorado show continued growth and an older demographic. Projections indicate that the region’s population will at least double over the next 25 years.
  • Housing units are increasing at a steady pace and more homes are occupied by full-time residents.
  • Public schools have a growing percentage of minority students and an increase in programs for English language learners.
  • Many residents of Routt, Moffat and Rio Blanco counties do not have health insurance.
  •  Federal standards dor poverty are much lower than what is needed for residents of northwest Colorado to be self-sufficent.  Self-sufficiency takes into account the income level needed to meet basic needs without relying on state and federal assistance programs.