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FastFacts August 2, 2016


Regionally, June unemployment for all three counties has improved since its monthly peak in 2010. Routt’s worker and job availability have seasonally balanced out.


At the end of 2015, Retail Trade and Accommodation and Food Services employees comprised the largest industry-based employment in Moffat and Routt while also earning the lowest Average Weekly Wage. Mining employed the greatest number of people in Rio Blanco while also providing the second highest Average Weekly Wage in the county.

Real Estate

Median Rent continues to rise in Routt while temporarily stabilizing in Rio Blanco and Moffat. The average percentage of foreclosures has continually declined in Routt since February 2011, with Moffat’s slightly increasing since June 2013. Rio Blanco’s foreclosure average has continually risen since November 2013.

Retail Sales

January 2016 total retail sales declined regionally in comparison to January 2015 spending, with Rio Blanco’s spending dropping by 31.8%. Food and Beverage Sales experienced the largest year-over-year decrease in all three counties.


On July 30, the Yampa River had the same daily discharge as it did one year ago, with the White River flowing at 67% of last year’s discharge on the same day. Meanwhile, Stagecoach and Yamcolo Reservoirs are both above their 10-year capacity average at 113% and 115% respectively.


Total annual Coal production in June is down in Moffat by 27.4%, 53.9% in Rio Blanco, and 15.8% in Routt.

Oil & Gas

Year-to-date Gas production totals have regionally declined since the start of 2015. Overall Oil production totals in Moffat have gradually increased since 2015, but are down in both Rio Blanco and Routt.

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