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FastFacts December 2, 2016


The 12-month Unemployment Average for all three counties continues to remain steady, with Moffat’s 12-month average at 4.1%, Rio Blanco’s at 5.3%, and Routt’s at 2.8%. The labor force experienced a slight increase in the shortage of workers across the region in October, pulling Rio Blanco out of a 6-month shortage of jobs.

Real Estate

The number of Foreclosures in Rio Blanco remains steady despite Moffat and Routt’s foreclosure ratios doubling between September and October. Median October Rent continues to incrementally rise in Moffat and Routt, with Zillow estimates showing Rio Blanco Median Rent declining by 2.1% from the previous month.


September to October coal production in all three counties saw significant increases:  Moffat rose by 129.2%, Routt gained 761.6% in monthly coal production, and Rio Blanco had a 43.8% increase. Despite these promising gains, October year-to-date figures are showing declines between 2015 and 2016. Moffat produced 26.2% less coal by October 2016 than it did by October 2015.  Routt was down 33.2% in its year-to-date coal production, and Rio Blanco experienced a 44.2% drop during the same time period. July to August oil production was down in Rio Blanco and Routt, with respective 4.3% and 12.6% decreases. Moffat had a 12.0% increase in its oil production, but produced 8.5% less gas. Routt had a 68.0% decrease in its monthly gas production, while Rio Blanco’s gas production increased slightly by 0.4% between July and August.


Yamcolo Reservoir increased to 59% of capacity in October, with Stagecoach Reservoir maintaining 105% of its capacity. The Yampa River at Steamboat Springs was at 63% of its 10-year average on November 30, while the White River near Meeker flowed at 102% of its 10-year average. Snow accumulation is down across the region when compared to snowfalls from 2015.

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