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FastFacts – June 2014


Unemployment rates in the Yampa Valley remained low in May, with both the Routt County and Moffat County rates coming in at 5.6%. In comparison, unemployment rates one year earlier stood at 7.8% in Routt and 6.2% in Moffat.

Retail Sales

Moffat County’s March retail sales were down 10% from March 2013, while Routt County retail sales were up 6.3% from the previous March. Retail sales for the first quarter of 2014 were down nearly 9% in Moffat and up almost 5% in Routt.

Real Estate

Moffat  County had 302 homes listed for sale at the end of June, an increase of more than 22% from one year earlier. Routt County had 860 homes listed for sale at the end of June, a decline of a little more than 3% from the previous June.


Year-to-date coal production through April was up nearly 7% in Moffat County, down almost 7% in Routt County and down 13% statewide from 2013. Oil production was down in both counties, with Routt showing an increase in its small amount of gas production.


Stagecoach and Yamcolo reservoir levels, as well as Yampa River streamflow in Steamboat, all were above average. Almost 13 inches of snow-water equivalent remained atop Buffalo Pass in the final days of June, about 4% more than average.



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