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FastFacts March 2014

Routt County’s January 2014 unemployment rate remained at a five-year low of just 4.5%. Following a Moffat County seasonal trend, Moffat’s unemployment rate jumped to 7%, which still represented the county’s lowest January unemployment rate in four years.

Retail Sales
Moffat retail sales dropped 20% in December 2013 compared to the previous December, while 2013 annual retail sales dipped 5% from 2012. Routt retail sales in December were up 1.6% from the previous December, with annual sales up 5% from the previous year.

Real Estate
Average February 2014 home listing price in Routt County was $495,000, a drop to prices comparable with September and October 2013. Average home listing price in Moffat County was $175,000, remaining steady since the previous month.

Coal production for 2013 was down about 10% in both Routt and Moffat counties, and declined 21% statewide. Routt and Moffat accounted for roughly half the Colorado coal produced in December. Routt gas production for 2013 was up 33% from the previous year.

One week into spring, snow-water equivalent was running a healthy 140% of average on Rabbit Ears Pass and 119% on Buffalo Pass. Snowpack for the Yampa/White River Basin remained at 123% of average, outpacing the statewide average of 113%.

FastFacts March 2014


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