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FastFacts November 4, 2016


The 12-month Unemployment Average for all three counties has remained the same since July: Moffat’s average is 4.1%, Rio Blanco is at 5.3%, and Routt maintains a 2.8 percentage. Despite this stability, all three counties are trending into or have a shortage of jobs.

Real Estate

The number of Foreclosures in Rio Blanco remains steady while they have decreased in Moffat and Routt, resulting in approximately 5 foreclosures in the region in September. Median September Rent has increased at least 3% across all three counties when compared to the Median Rent of September 2015.


September year-to-date totals for Routt have declined 33.5% when compared to September 2015. Moffat’s year-to-date production is down by 32.7%, with Rio Blanco’s year-to-date production decreasing by 46.5%. July 2016 year-to-date Oil Production totals are up for Moffat when compared to July 2015, with year-to-date Gas Production down for all three counties. Note: More information regarding decreased coal production is provided in this month’s FastFacts.


Yamcolo Reservoir September capacity was at 51% while Stagecoach Reservoir maintained a high capacity at 105%. Both rivers are running below 2015 Average Daily Discharge, with The White River near Meeker at 88% of its 10-year average on October 28th. The Yampa River at Steamboat Springs was at 70% of its Average Daily Discharge that same day.

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