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FastFacts October 3, 2016


Unemployment rates declined slightly for all three counties. Despite this, all three counties are dealing with economic employment stress, with Rio Blanco’s job shortage temporarily stabilizing.


Mining remains one of the Top 3 Employers in each county when aggregating by Average Weekly Wage for the first quarter of 2016. In Moffat, only 19.2% of the workforce earns the three highest Average Weekly Wages. Rio Blanco’s workforce was slightly better at 22.6%, while Routt had the greatest wage disparity at 5.7%.

Real Estate

Rio Blanco has a temporary stabilization of its home foreclosures. But, pre-foreclosure statistics in all three counties suggest there will be a rise in the number of foreclosures over the next few months. Moffat came in third in the state in August for the highest ratio of homes foreclosed upon.


July Coal Production saw an overall monthly decrease across the state, with Routt producing its lowest amount of coal in over fifteen years. One-third of the state’s coal in July was produced in Moffat. Moffat experienced an incremental increase in Oil and Gas Production when compared to last year. Rio Blanco’s Gas Production continues to increase from last year’s total.


Yamcolo Reservoir continues to run slightly below its  average percent of capacity, with Stagecoach maintaining a higher than average percent of capacity at 112%. The White River near Meeker was at 91% of its 10-year average on September 28th. The Yampa River at Steamboat Springs was at 56% of its Average Daily Discharge, marking its lowest point of September 28th discharge since 2012. All peaks received snowfall on September 24th or 25th.

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