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FastFacts September 2, 2016


Regional July unemployment decreased slightly from its seasonal peaks in May and June. Economically, Rio Blanco’s job shortage has decreased, easing its employment stress.


The end of March 2016 brought forward the following top industry employers in each county:

  • Moffat – Retail Trade
  • Rio Blanco – Mining
  • Routt – Accommodations and Food Services

Retail Sales

February 2016 regional spending was up when compared to the previous year. Despite this, both Moffat and Rio Blanco saw slight declines in overall February spending between 2015 and 2016.

Real Estate

Median Rent continues to rise incrementally in Routt county while experiencing a temporary stabilization in Moffat and Rio Blanco. Foreclosures decreased or remained the same in both Rio Blanco and Routt. However, Moffat began a spike in foreclosures, coming in with the highest number of foreclosures in the state for July.


Year-to-date Oil production continues to decline for June in both Rio Blanco and Routt counties. Moffat’s Oil production year-to-date total continues to rise incrementally. Between May and June, Rio Blanco experienced a 78.4% increase in Gas production.


The Yamcolo Reservoir is at its lowest capacity since 2013, containing only 49%. The Yampa River at Steamboat Springs was at 51% of its Average Daily Discharge on August 29th, marking its lowest point of discharge on that date since 2007. The White River near Meeker was at 73% of its 10-year average on the same date.

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