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FastFacts May 5, 2016

All three counties continue to see an increase in their unemployment rates. Moffat and Routt are still experiencing worker shortages. However, Rio Blanco had an almost equal decline in its labor force and the number of employed workers, easing their shortage of workers.

Retail Sales
Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt saw significant increases in Food and Beverage sales in August of 2015 when compared to the previous year. Year-over-year Total Retail Sales increased slightly for both Moffat and Routt, with Rio Blanco experiencing a large decline in August 2015 spending compared to August 2014 figures.

Real Estate
Median monthly rents continue to gradually increase. Moffat and Rio Blanco have more foreclosures than a year ago, with Routt having its lowest foreclosure ratio within a six year history. Moffat had a 12% increase in the number of houses for sale between March and April.

In April, the White and Yampa Rivers experienced their first peak volume of the season. Snow-water equivalency is above 100% for the region, with both Stagecoach and Yamcolo reservoirs also experiencing above average capacities.

Coal production increased for the state as well as Moffat and Rio Blanco. However, Routt’s coal production dropped 58.9% in the course of the last month.

Oil & Gas
Moffat and Routt had slight increases in monthly oil productions, while all three counties experienced a decline in gas production when compared to January.

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