2nd Quarter 2014 Economic Forecast Newsletter – Moffat & Routt Counties

 The Yampa Valley economy experienced a mixed first quarter. Highlights from this edition of our quarterly Regional Economic Forecast News include:

  • February unemployment rates were up from the previous month in both counties, rising to 7.1% in Moffat and 4.8% in Routt. However, these were the lowest February unemployment rates in the last five years. Our Spotlight section (pages 8-9) offers insight into factors contributing to the Yampa Valley’s current unemployment numbers.
  • Routt County retail sales in January were up 6.7% from January 2013, marking the best retail sales in five years. Moffat County retail sales in January were down 7.3% from the previous January, the lowest January sales in five years. Moffat sales, however, typically do improve and peak over the summer.
  • Median listing price for homes dropped by 14% in Moffat County and 3% in Routt County over the first quarter of 2014, with Moffat also seeing a 21% increase in homes for sale. Moffat County median listing price for March 2014 was up 30% from the March 2013 listing price.
  • Coal production in January was up 27% in Moffat County and 6% in Routt compared to the previous January, even as statewide coal production declined 15%.

We hope you’ll enjoy this quarterly edition of our Regional Economic Forecast News. Please feel free to view it on your screen or download a .pdf. Please be patient if you go the .pdf route as the file might take a minute to load.



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