Energy Diet Challenge

How Much Can You Lose?

How many of you have gone on a diet hoping to shed a few pounds? Have you ever thought of shedding a few kilowatts? How about going on an energy diet? Yampa Valley Data Partners (YVDP) invites you to take the plunge, save money and energy by taking the Northwest Colorado Energy Diet Challenge. This month you will see a roll out of an energy diet challenge checklist tool developed by the Northwest Colorado Energy Steering committee as part of the Northwest Colorado Energy Education plan. The checklist is a tool to help you modify your home and your behavior to save money on energy bills and save on energy usage.

Post the checklist on your refrigerator (the checklist has a magnet on the back for posting) and check off items you have completed from three levels of action items; nice and easy, intermediate and advanced. The Nice and Easy or “do it right away” items are actions like turning off lights when not in use, lowering your hot water temperature to 120F or weatherstripping your exterior doors and windows. These are simple actions that will make a difference in both the comfort of your home and the amount you spend on energy. The diet challenge for the nice and easy section is to complete 10 of the 13 items within a year.

The intermediate or “do it next week” section contains action items such as air dry clothes on a line, installing low flow showerheads and toilets or installing a programmable thermostat. These are actions items that take a bit more time or money to implement. We challenge homeowners to complete 5 out 9 actions.

The advanced or “it takes a little longer” section challenges us to complete 3 out of 8 actions such as improving the insulation in the attic or basement, seal and insulating all air ducts or buying an energy star appliance.

The Checklist comes with a section for the homeowner to track their energy usage by month starting with last year, recording this year and next year. Send Yampa Valley Data Partners your results and we’ll post them on our website. Send your stories too.

Wondering “how to” do some of the projects? There are seven website resources listed on the back of the checklist to direct homeowners to information on how to implement the action items. Plus you can always visit one of the sponsors of the checklist, Yampa Valley Electric association’s website at for great additional energy saving tips.

The checklists are available locally at the Bud Werner library, Hayden library, city and town halls or at the Steamboat Springs Chamber resort association. You can also download a PDF of the checklist at . The energy diet challenge is also for Moffat and Rio Blanco county residents as well so the competition could be tough. Pick up your checklist and get started today. How much can you lose?

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