FastFacts April 4, 2016


All three counties have experienced a 0.5% – 1.0% decrease in unemployment rates when compared to February 2015. Employee shortages are worsening for Moffat and Routt when compared to a year ago, with Rio Blanco’s employee shortage easing slightly.


YVDP has made major changes to Moffat County reporting to include Utilities and Educational Services, which were previously withheld due to “Confidentiality”. Those two sectors provided 21.0% of the wages and 13.9% of the employees in the county. See pages 4 and 5.


Rio Blanco saw a drop in its third quarter average weekly wage from $1,012 to $992. Moffat and Routt had a $20-plus increase in their average weekly wages. Accommodations and Food Services had the lowest average wages with Moffat County being the lowest.


End of March snow depth is 17+ inches higher than it was this time last year. Snow-water equivalency is also greater in volume for both the White and Yampa River basins. Stagecoach Reservoir has decreased slightly to 100% capacity, and Yamcolo has reached 80% of its capacity, up from its previous month’s capacity of 76%.


Northwest Colorado produced 65.8% of the state’s coal for January 2016. However, all three counties experienced decreased year-over-year coal production. Deserado Mine began production mid-month.

Oil & Gas

Moffat’s January 2016 oil production decreased 64.5%, with gas dropping by 7.7% when compared to December 2015 figures. Oil production dropped by 31.8% in Routt while gas totals increased by 62.3%. Rio Blanco saw a slight increase for both oil and gas production, coming in just below 1%.

April 4, 2016 FastFacts

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