FastFacts – July 2015

May 2015 unemployment rates in Moffat (4.9%), Rio Blanco (5.3%) and Routt (4.8%) all represented improvement from May 2014. Colorado’s unemployment rate was 4.3% while the newly released U.S. rate for June dropped to 5.3%, the lowest it’s been since April 2008.

Mining held its place as the largest industry in terms of total wages for both Moffat and Rio Blanco counties in the fourth quarter of 2014. Healthcare and Social Assistance led the way as the largest wage-producing industry in Routt County.

The Finance and Insurance industry paid the highest average weekly wage in both Routt and Moffat counties in the fourth quarter of 2014, while Utilities workers brought home the highest average weekly wage in Rio Blanco County.

Real Estate
February 2015 median list prices for homes were up in Rio Blanco County (13%) and Routt County (19%) and down by 11% in Moffat County compared to the same time the previous year.

Year-to-date coal production through April 2015 was up 92% in Rio Blanco County and 9% in Moffat County, but was down 35% in Routt County compared to the first four months of 2014. Year-to-date gas production was down 24-30% in each county.

The end of June found Stagecoach and Yamcolo reservoirs holding at 13% and 19% above usual water levels respectively. The Yampa River was flowing at 36% of its 2004-2014 average, with the White River flowing at 79% of average.


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