FastFacts June 2, 2016

Year-over-year April employment in Moffat is steady. Rio Blanco employment is down 54 employed workers (-2.0%), and Routt is up 130 employed workers (+1.0%). At 6.2%, Rio Blanco has the second highest April unemployment rate in Colorado.

Retail Sales
Spending in Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt declined between October and November 2015. Year-to-date totals are 5.7% below November 2014 totals for Routt, with Rio Blanco’s spending down 34.6% from the previous year. Moffat saw a 13.2% decrease in sales when compared to the previous year.

Real Estate
Moffat and Routt median monthly rents are at their highest in the last 5 years. Moffat’s April foreclosures are at their highest rate for 2016. Routt and Rio Blanco have fewer foreclosures than April of 2015. All three counties have seen an increase in houses for sale.

Yamcolo and Stagecoach reservoirs were over 100% of their capacity in April. Rabbit Ears, Buffalo Pass and Ripple Creak all still contain ≥119% of their average snow-water equivalency. However, Burro Mountain is only at 10.8% of its average amount of snow-water. Both the Yampa and White rivers experienced their second peak of the season on May 22nd.

Coal in Routt saw a jump in its monthly and yearly production levels. Despite Moffat and Rio Blanco experiencing continued gradual monthly decreases in production, all three counties produced 79% of the state’s coal in March.

Oil & Gas
Routt’s oil and gas productions continue to decrease, with Moffat and Rio Blanco seeing increases in both sets of production levels.

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