Fast Facts July 2013

The local economies of Moffat and Routt Counties continue to slowly improve. Download the most recent FastFacts now.

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Yampa Valley FastFacts Key Takeaways

In June 2013 Moffat County’s unemployment rate increased to 6.7% from 6.2% in May. Routt’s rate dropped to 6.6% from 7.8% last month. The drop in Routt County’s unemployment is most likely due to seasonal job availability

Retail Sales
Combined Moffat and Routt taxable sales in April 2013 were $77.22 million. This represents a 2.3% increase compared to April 2012. At the county level, Routt’s year-over-year sales grew by 3.0% and Moffat year-over-year sales grew 1.2%.

Real Estate
The real estate market in Moffat county is improving. As of June 2013, average listing prices in Moffat were up 2.0% compared to June 2012. In Routt, average listing prices were down 15% in compared to June 2012. Inventory levels in both counties were at a year-to-date high.

The Yampa Valley energy production figures have not been updated since April. As of April 2013, Moffat County year-to-date oil production was up 33.0% compared to 2012. Year-to-date natural gas production in Moffat was also up by 10.4% compared to 2012. Year-to-date coal production was down 13.7% and up 14.3% in Moffat and Routt, respectively.

The average daily stream flow on the Yampa was running at 154cfs as of August 4th which is 55% of average. Water levels at both reservoirs has not been updated since last month. Water levels is at 108% of average at Stagecoach reservoir. Water level at the Yamcolo reservoir storage site was 47% of average as of June 30th.

July Fast Facts 2013

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