Moffat County Vision 2035

Visioning is a process for developing consensus regarding the future that the community wants, and then deciding what is necessary to achieve it. Moffat County’s community members came together in late 2014 to develop a 20-year community vision.

Moffat Vision 2035 is anchored by four subject-area pillars: Economic, Environmental, Social and Civic.

Subject areas within each of these pillars are as follows:
» Economic pillar – encompasses industry, energy, agriculture, business, tourism, jobs and income
» Environmental pillar – comprises environmental protection, sustainability and land and water use
» Social pillar – revolves around health, crime and safety, education, recreation, arts and culture
» Civic pillar – addresses civic engagement and voting, government, planning, transportation, infrastructure and public services

For each pillar, community members crafted vision statements for Moffat County for the next 20 years. They also agreed on areas of focus for the next three to five years with realizable flagship activities. These focus areas and activities represent the first steps toward realizing the community vision. Key indicators were identified that will monitor progress toward results.
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Vision 2035 Final Report



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